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kite_notrobin5's Journal

Sadie Drake--Kite
25 July
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My name is Sadie Drake. I'm the oldest of three kids, and I've wanted to join the family business pretty much since I was born.

No, I don't mean Wayne Enterprises, though I've just received my degree in graphic arts, and I'm looking to get into the advertising side of the business.

I mean the other family business, where Dad is Kestrel, and Grampa used to be Batman. Dad used to be Robin, and so did I until very recently, but when Grampa retired and Jason became Batman, I thought that Jason probably shouldn't inherit a Robin, and... besides--I'm not really sure he and I would work well together. So, Robin Five retired, and Kite was born.

I like being Kite. It means I get to work with Dad more often, which comes with the downside of... having to work with Dad more often. He's way overprotective when we're working together. I try to remind him that being Robin was way more dangerous, but that just makes a vein twitch in his forehead.

Anyway--that's me. I have a brother and a sister... who are probably around here somewhere.

OOC Info:
NAME: Sadie Cassandra Drake
AGE: 22
BIRTHDAY: July 20, 2017
PARENTS: Tim Drake (formerly Robin, now Kestrel) and Cissie (King-Jones) Drake (little_wing003 and notarrowette)
SIBLINGS: Aiden Drake (Merlin: olympic_merlin), Sophie Drake (Arrowette: dramatic_archer)

This is a roleplaying journal created by zoe_chan for amusement purposes only. All recognizable characters and places are property of DC Comics. Sadie and her siblings belong to zoe_chan and lady_sarai